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The official student-managed newspaper of Lane Community College is published every Thursday during Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

The Torch is an award-winning, student-produced, weekly campus newspaper with an average circulation of over 2,000. Published by authority of the Lane Community College Board of Education through the Media Commission, it is an autonomous newspaper free from censorship by the college administration, faculty, and student government.

The Torch serves three purposes: it provides news and information of importance and interest to Lane students and staff; serves as a learning laboratory for students of journalism, graphic arts, photography, publishing and advertising; and provides a communication channel for student commentary and debate. All Lane students may submit essays and letters for publication in the Torch.

The electronic version of The Torch is hosted at

Contact the Torch

Charlie Deitz, News and Torch Advisor
Office: Center Building, Room 008
Phone: (541) 463-5654

David Galbreath, Editor-in-Chief
Office: Center Building, Room 008
Phone: (541) 463-5655

Production: (541) 463-5656
Newsroom: (541) 463-5657
Advertising: (541) 463-5655 or email