LCC Longhouse

Native American mother with child.

The Lane Community College Longhouse is a multi-use facility available to all students and provides program and classroom space for culturally appropriate activities. 

Examples of such classes and activities could include: 

  • American Indian Language classes
  • Ethnic Studies classes
  • Native American Studies
  • Credit and non-credit classes on Native American culture
  • Activities and events sponsored by the Native American Student Program and the Native American Student Association

In order to ensure that activities that take place in the Lane Long House are in keeping with the spirit and purpose of this type of facility, the Lane Longhouse operates under the auspices of the Native American Student Program Coordinator as part of the Student Life and Leadership Development Department. In addition, a Longhouse advisory committee will assist the Native American Student Program Coordinator in reviewing guidelines for use of the facility by campus and community groups as needed.

Want to reserve the Longhouse for a class or activity?

Reservations for fall term will be accepted beginning July 1 of each year.

Please allow us a week to process your application.

Grand Opening Ceremony Dec. 3, 2010