Department of Writing and Literature

Literature Program

The study of literature engages students in creative and non-instrumental ways of knowing, as well as engaging theory and methodologies of the discipline. Coursework in literature features inquiry and discussion based learning with a focus on critical and analytical reading through close reading/textual analysis. It also requires substantial development and support of ideas in written and/or multi-modal compositions

Literature Course Offerings
Fall Term 2019

  • CRN 22953 ENG 215 Latino/a Literature (Chaves) MW (Hybrid) 10:00 to 11:50 am
  • CRN 22927 ENG 240 Nature Literature (Harrison) TuTh 10:00 to 11:50 am
  • CRN 22928 ENG 261 Science Fiction (Bartley) MW 12:00 to 1:50 pm
  • CRN 21610 ENG 104 Intro to Lit: Fiction (von Ammon) Online
  • CRN 21480 ENG 106 Intro to Lit: Poetry* (Rosenow) Online
  • CRN 22474 ENG 260 Intro to Women Writers (Beasley) Online

* indicates there is an Honors Option CRN available

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