Special Programs for Providers

Special Programs For Providers

3 C's Network
There is a national "Promise Neighborhoods" movement to develop of a continuum of "cradle through college and career" solutions to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children living in our most distressed neighborhoods. Based on Geoffrey Canada's ground-breaking Harlem Children's Zone  (www.hcz.org), Promise Neighborhoods may, in fact, be the key to releasing thousands of children from the life-long effects of poverty, (United Way 2012).

United WayIn Lane County, two Promise Neighborhoods have been identified. One is in Springfield and one in Eugene's Bethel area. We know that 82% of children entering kindergarten in these neighborhoods do not meet the early literacy benchmark, as compared to 56% across Lane County. We have a child care network in the promise neighborhoods to improve quality, promote early literacy and kindergarten readiness. To observe and assess preschool children, build parent partnerships and conduct a parent conference based on each child's developmental assessment.

Providers enrolled in the United Way 3 C's Network will have access to: Strength based coaching, TA, program development, professional development, community resources and building relationships with other child care programs.

If we can improve the early childhood development of children in our Promise Neighborhoods, we will move the needle on school readiness across the county.  We will also be able to scale up effective practices to other neighborhoods in our community, (United Way 2012).

NEW! Douglas County Child Care Network (CCN)
We are currently recruiting for the CCN.  Focused on improving quality of programs, this network is an excellent opportunity for providers to get the extra help they need to take their business to the next level. To be eligible you must reside in Douglas County and have been in business for at least one year.  Providers enrolled in this special prgram funded by Ford Family Foundation will have access to: Strength based coaching, TA, program development, professional development, financial incentives to improve quality, community resources and building relationships and an alliance with other child care programs.  Program is limited to 15 particpants. For questions email freilingerh@lanecc.edu  Download ApplicationThe Ford Family Foundation