Begin Your Class

Lane Online power buttonBegin Your Course

Courses become available to access in Moodle on the first day of the term. You may not see your course if you log in before then. Log in and get started as soon as the term starts. Instructors may drop students who don't log in or complete assignments due the first week.

  • If you're taking an online course or telecourse, log into Moodle. Some instructors send out messages to welcome you and help you get started in the course, so watch for emails. Find out if your course has any on-campus requirements. If your course has on-campus exams and you live outside of the local area, you'll need to find a proctor.
  • If you're taking a hybrid course or live class, attend at the scheduled class time.

How to Login to Moodle:

There's a great video about using Moodle. Click the login button and enter your Lane L-number (an L plus eight digits, such as L00123456) and your Password. This should be the same Password you use to log into myLane. If you have just enrolled, you may need to wait up to an hour and a half before your course shows up in Moodle.

Once logged in, your courses will be listed under "My Courses." The title of an active course will appear in blue print. A course that has not been made active yet will appear in gray. Click on any active course to enter. 

Contact the Student Help Desk if you have questions or trouble logging in. If you're off campus, there's online help.

What you should know about No Show Drops:

Students will be dropped through the No Show Drop procedure for non-attendance. Students enrolled in online courses or telecourses must participate in one online class activity to avoid being "No Show Dropped." Students enrolled in hybrid or live courses must physically attend at least one class session during the first week of the term for that class to avoid being "No Show Dropped."

The last day to drop a class for the term and not be charged for the class is at the end of the FIRST WEEK, Sunday, at 11:59 p.m. Courses are dropped in myLane. Instructors are NOT required to drop you if you do not login or attend.