Free Classes for Engineering Students

Free Classes for Engineering Students

Lane Community College and University of Oregon have a great partnership, and Lane students can take some Engineering classes at UO for FREE! Please read the requirements carefully. If you have any questions about engineering classes, please see Engineering advisors at Lane.

This agreement between the University of Oregon and Lane Community College (LCC) continues a cooperative student exchange program in engineering transfer education. This program is expected to help students at both institutions who are interested in entry into a professional engineering program.


Students at each institution enrolled as pre-engineering transfer students will be permitted to enroll in any of the approved courses listed below at the other institution with no additional tuition under the following conditions:

  • Student must be enrolled in 12 credits or more at the home institution to participate in the MOU.
    • Student cannot combine their LCC and UO credits for the MOU to be awarded.
  • During summer sessions, enrollment at the home institution for a minimum of 12 credits the previous spring term of 36 total credits over the previous academic year will qualify a student for the exchange program.
  • Student participants are not eligible for special services such as student health services, except in an emergency, or athletic activities at the other institution.
  • The MOU waives tuition and mandatory fees only. Courses fees, books, field trips, etc., are NOT waived.

How to join the MOU program

1) Consult with an international academic advisor to find out if you are eligible to take part-time classes at University of Oregon.

  • To learn more about concurrent enrollment requirements for international students, please visit the Concurrent Enrollment page

2) Register for Community Education Program at University of Oregon. Please visit the Dual Enrollment Information page for more information. 

3) Bring copies of both of your LCC and UO schedules to the Registrar's Office at UO by Wednesday of Week 2. Be sure to ask to see a manager when you come in. They will review and mark your record for the MOU, so you will not be charged tuition and fees for engineering classes at UO.

4) Use an online form to upload your UO class schedule by 2:00 pm Friday of Week 2. Please make sure you have your name "ON" so your name prints from DuckWeb. Visit the Concurrent Enrollment page for more information.

5) Use an online form to upload the UO DuckWeb grades at the end of the term by 2:00pm Friday after Finals week. Please make sure you have your name "ON" so your name prints from DuckWeb. Visit the Concurrent Enrollment page for more information. 

Approved Courses

Note: Any courses offered at both institutions must be taken at the home institution unless it's not taught there during the term the student wishes to enroll in the class.

At Lane Community College At University of Oregon
ENGR 101: Engineering Orientation PHYS 251, 252, 253: Foundations of Physics I
ENGR 102: Engineering Orientation 2 PHYS 290: Foundations of Physics I Laboratory
ENGR 115: Engineering Graphics MATH 253: Calculus III
ENGR 211, 212, 213: Statics, Dynamics & Strength of Materials MATH 256: Differential Equations
ENGR 221: Electrical Fundamentals MATH 281, 282: Calculus of several variables including Vector Calculus
PHYS 211, 212, 213: General Physics with Calculus MATH 341, 342: Linear Algebra