Costs and Payments

Proof Of Financial Documentation

Item Estimated Cost
Tuition & Fees $9,000
Books & Living Expenses (including housing) $8,900
Health Insurance $1,200
*Total Estimated Costs For 1 Academic Year (9 months) $19,100

The bank statement requirement is an estimate only. It is based on a student taking the minimum number of required courses, living in a shared apartment at Titan Court and utilizing a bus pass for transportation. It does not include any money for shopping or dining at restaurants. It is for estimation purposes only, and actual student expenses may vary. Students taking career and technical courses will have higher fees. Pilot Training students please see Aviation Program Costs.

For students with F-2 dependents please add: $4,500 for spouse and $3,000 for each child to the minimum requirements.

The International English as a Second Language class fees can be found on their web page: Fees and Charges.

The Credit Program tuition is $236 per credit. The minimum number of credits per term is 12 credits.

Fees vary greatly based on course selection. On average international students can expect $500-$700 in fees.