Admissions for Non-Sponsored/Sponsored High School Students

Oregon high school students can join the RTEC program at Lane to get a jump start on college. RTEC is part of the Expanded Options program offered at the high school. It's an opportunity for a current high school student to be on Lane's campus and earn college credit.

Sponsored Students only - Meet with your RTEC/Expanded Options Counselor

You, the student, need to meet with your RTEC/Expanded Options high school counselor to determine eligibility. Meet with your high school counselor to:

  • Discuss career and educational goals
  • Discuss courses, amount of credits allowed, and what is paid by your sponsorship
  • Determine if college courses will apply to high school diploma requirements
  • Review student and district costs with counselor, student, and parents
  • Start the Sponsored High School Partnership Referral form

Steps to Follow for All High School Students :

Follow the steps below if you plan to take classes on Lane’s Campus under the RTEC program (classes at Lane before high school graduation). Please review all the steps first. Then plan your time; completing all steps may take 4-10 days.

Step 1: Complete Online RTEC Application

You need an L# to register for Lane classes.

College Now students: You must submit this application to take part in the RTEC program. Your L# will stay the same.

Application Tips:

  1. Social Secuirty Number: If you plan to apply for financial aid (FAFSA) in the future, please enter your social security number
  2. Planned Program of Study: Choose the major - "Taking Credit Classes/no degree/no fin aid" as your major - it is at the very bottom of the list. 

Complete Online RTEC Application

Step 2: Proof of College Writing Level

You must prove your college writing level before advising and registration.

How to prove your college level writing:

Contact the High School Connections Advisor to get a list of recommended classes based off your writing level and major interest

Complete Placement Testing at Lane   

Step 3: Submit a Partnership Referral Form

All new and continuing students - The High School Partnership Referral form is submitted once a year to our office. 

Non-sponsored student

If your a high school student paying out of pocket, submit the Non-Sponsored HS Partnership Referral form.

Sponsored student

If your school district will pay for your courses, submit the Sponsored HS Partnership Referral form.

  • Confirm with your school district that they submitted a Billing Authorization every term to Sponsored Accounts
  • The School District is responsible for submitting Billing Authorization to Sponsored Accounts to cover payment for the student every term

Step 4: Complete the Student Information Session

Once you log into myLane, you will complete this online information session. You must complete this before continuing with registration.

Complete the Online Student Information Session

Step 5: Use Student Email Address 

Once you log into myLane, you will see a tab that says Claim Student Email. You must complete this before continuing with registration. Students are required to use the Lane student email as their primary communication with Lane

Claim Student Email Address

Step 6: Meet with the High School Connections Advisor

You are required to meet with the High School Connections Advisor, Brenda Williams, to be cleared to register. Meet with Brenda to:

  • Learn about how to succeed in college classes
  • Understand policies at Lane
  • Register for classes

You and your high school counselor should contact Brenda before an appointment to pick out classes.

Schedule an appointment with HSC Advisor