Individual High School Partnerships

High School Connections

What are Individual High School Partnerships?

From time to time, high schools have developed or requested special programs coordinating with Lane Community College to meet special needs and interests of their students. Each program is unique. We have formed partnerships with these individaul high schools:4J/Post Grad Scholars-Gateways High School- Kalapuya & Baker Early College.

High School Students Only - RTEC 101 : Gateway to College and Career

  • RTEC promotional Flyer for high school counselors
  • Offered at LCC Main campus scheduled during the school day
  • Entry class to explore the options available for transitioning HS students
  • Is offered under the RTEC program
  • On a contract basis. School district pays $300.00 per student or contracted class for a flat rate for instructor.

Online - College Success: High School Transitions/ - CG100

  • Online 1 credit course including 1 hour of online work supported by outside homework assignments
  • Open to 20 students on a first come/first serve basis
  • Designed for prospective and currently enrolled RTEC high school students taking courses at LCC

How Do I Apply?

  • See your high school guidance counselor for district referral authorization information. Referrals are required once a year.
  • Once funding has been approved have your counselor complete the HS Partnership Referral Form and fax a copy to the HS Connections Office (541) 463-4734, send original to SD Office.
  • Billing Authorization is submitted by School District every term a student enrolls. Send form directly to Sponsored Accounts.
  • Apply for admission using the "College Credit Application" application type
  • Take the LCC placement test (given at some high schools and on the LCC campus) and meet minimum requirements
  • Contact Pam McClelland in the High School Connections Office if you have questions