Admission and Registration Procedures

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Instructors - Easy Online Admission and Registration Procedures

Before you begin registering students:

  • Have your class CRN (Course Registration Number)
  • A personal unique email account is required for each student.
  • Students can create a free email address by selecting a provider (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo) and fill out an online application form.
  • Have students bring their "L" numbers or, if possible, have them set up "L" numbers prior to registering your entire class. Instructions for first-time users is below. (Hint: it isn't as daunting as it looks!)
  • Know who your high school "look up person" is and/or have a list of "L" numbers for your students.
  • Request "blue cards" from your look-up person for students to record their "L" numbers.

If you encounter problems in the registration process:

  • Different error messages may appear in the process for some students for a wide variety of reasons. Don't let you or your students become discouraged.
  • Pam or Vallie are happy to get your calls or emails and answer questions. What you need to provide is student name, DOB, L# (if you have it), and it is always helpful if you can provide the error message (if there is one and where in the process the student found it).
  • LCC College Now phone # is (541) 463-5203.
  • Vallie's email is and Khristina's email is

Students with "L" numbers - Registration Process

  • Access the Lane Community College website at
  • In the bottom right-hand corner of the home page--Click on myLane icon
  • Enter your "L" number (user ID) and your 12-16 character PIN/Password in the myLane portal. Log-in.
  • Click on myEnrollment.
  • In the Registration Tools box--Click on  Registration
  • Click on Register for Classes
  • Select the proper term (i.e. Fall 2015) Click on Continue
  • In the Register for Classes screen choose the Enter CRN's Tab
  • Enter the CRN (Course Registration Number) and Click on Add to Summary
  • Check in the Summary box to make sure you registered into the correct class.
  • Click on Submit.
  • "Sign Out" of the Registration Module.
  • Logout of myLane

Applying for Admissions to Lane Community College as 1st time College Now Students (without "L" number)

Admission to LANE CC: Applying for your L# (User ID) 

  • Go to the College High School Application
  • Create a 12-16 character PIN/Password, using both numbers and letters. Write it down! As you will need this PIN/Password when you log-in to myLane to register for your class(es).
  • Type in your newly created Password, twice. Click Log-In.
  • You will receive a Generated ID number. Write it down! Click Continue.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select your term from the pull down menu.
  • Type in your first and last names.
  • Click "Fill out Application". It will take you to a screen with 4 items.
  • Click on Name to begin.
  • As you finish each page, click on Continue until you have provided all required items. Once you finish the Application Checklist you will see a screen with 4 check-marks. (If any of the sections does NOT have a check-mark, click on that section and complete it.)
  • Click "Application is Complete".
  • Your L# will appear in bold type in the middle of the page. WRITE IT DOWN on one of the blue cards provided, and continue on to the next direction.  If you do NOT see your L#, tell your instructor. (S)He will need the generated ID number you received in instructions above.
  • Click on "Access Web for Student". You will be asked to change your PIN/Password. Follow instructions for creating a new 12-16 character PIN/Password. Click on Login.
  • You will be asked to provide two Verification Security Questions. Select questions with an answer that you will NOT FORGET. Continue to verify your address and/or email if asked.  
  • Click on Enrollment and Student Financial Services.
  • Click on Registration and Books.
  • Click on Add/Drop Classes.
  • Select correct Term from drop down menu (i.e. Fall 2015).
  • Enter the correct CRN# (Course Registration Number).
  • Click on Submit Changes. Be sure that you see that you are registered for the correct class. If you see another class listed Raise Your Hand.
  • Log off and close your browser.