Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse Bridge

Nursing - LPN to RN Bridge

photo of a nurse using a stethescope

Completion of these requirements gives a Licensed Practical Nurse eligibility to enter the second year of any Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) two-year associate degree registered nursing program.

Content is under revision. Application information is available.

To Our Students: Please be informed that Lane Community College Division of Health Professions requires all students to submit appropriate personal information (such as immunization records, federal and state background checks, drug screens and others) to Certified Background Check, a company specializing in the collection and storage of student health care information. Submission of required documents must be accomplished prior to the beginning of classes. Both the drug screens and background checks must be clear (e.g. absence of positive results for narcotics, marijuana, alcohol and/or other illicit substances for drug screen) to ensure clinical placements and graduation from Health Profession programs. Specifics on required documents, costs, timelines, and how to access Certified Background Check, will be included in the letter of program acceptance and/or discussed at the Mandatory Program Orientation.