About Us

About Us

Lane's Honors Program Leadership Team

Lane Community College has adopted a liberal education model in its current strategic plan. This model guides development of an empowering approach to critical thinking and lifelong learning for all of our students.

We create and nurture learning environments that support the intellectual, social and civic development of all of our students, from under-prepared to high-achieving and across all areas of the college's comprehensive mission. At the heart of the community college mission is a commitment to meeting students where they are and helping them attain their educational goals.

The Honors Program provides a focused path for well-prepared students who are ready to engage learning at an appropriately advanced pace and level. It also offers academic and social integration for advanced students at Lane and a transformative learning experience for all students who participate in the program.

Honors Program Administration

  • Ce Rosenow, Coordinator, Lane Honors Program
  • Susan Carkin, Honors Dean and Language, Literature & Communication Dean

Honors Program Leadership Team

  • Lori Areford, Advisor, Counseling Department
  • J.S. Bird, Faculty, Art and Applied Design
  • Susan Carkin, Dean, Language, Literature & Communication
  • Denise Couch, Faculty, Social Science
  • Claire Dannenbaum, Honors Librarian
  • Marge Helzer, Faculty, Social Science
  • Gerry Meenaghan, Faculty, Cooperative Education
  • Katie Morrison-Graham, Faculty, Science
  • Ce Rosenow, Coordinator, Lane Honors Program
  • Eileen Thompson, Faculty, Language, Literature & Communication

To receive event notices and news about the Honors Program, send an email to: honors@lanecc.edu