Honors Program


Lane Community College's Honors Program offers students a transformative learning Lane honors program logo experience based in scholarly inquiry, academic rigor and intellectual growth.

Through challenging coursework, independent study, special seminars, experiential learning, and a capstone project, Lane honors students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, intellectual curiosity and optimal preparation for further academic pursuits.

In Lane's Honors Program, students will:

  • Join a community of students who are highly engaged in their own learning
  • Gain and develop tools for life-long inquiry and learning
  • Become involved in community and world issues through events and activities
  • Thrive with the personal attention of faculty guides
  • Increase their competitiveness for scholarships and applications for four-year schools and jobs
  • Become eligible for special honors transfer agreements with four-year schools

After completing the Lane Honors Program, students transferring to four-year institutions will be well-prepared for upper division coursework and university honors programs. Non-transfer students can enroll in and benefit from the Honors Program as well.

This multifaceted, interdisciplinary program provides all participating students with research, reasoning and writing skills that will enhance their experience as engaged global citizens and encourage a lifelong love of learning.

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Honors Classes this Fall

ANTH102_H World Archaeology-Honors
CRN 23293
Instructor:  Margaret Helzer

WR121_H Introduction to Academic Writing-Honors
CRN 22649
Instuctor:  Eileen Thompson

WR122_H Composition: Argument, Style and Research-Honors
CRN 22567
Instructor:  Sarah Lushia

COOP280_H Co-op Ed: Service Learn-Honors
CRN 22491
Instructor: Gerry Meenaghan

Gain experience with community partners in addressing real community needs. Practice critical thinking, citizenship and civic responsibility, explore career options, and network with professionals while earning college credit. In this Honors section students will actively engage, investigate and reflect on topics leading to enhanced knowledge and skills. Prerequisite: Instructor approval

HON280_H Co-op Ed: International Work Experience-Honors
CRN 23380
Instructor: Gerry Meenaghan

This is a structured program for honors students to do an international work experience through LCC and IE3 Global Internships. Living and working in another country, students gain career and intercultural skills essential in a global society. Application and other details are on the web at: ie3global.ous.edu. Prerequisite: Instructor Approval