Student Affairs Council

Student Affairs Council



The Student Affairs Council will develop, review, and evaluate plans and set directions for student affairs in accordance within the vision, mission, core values, learning principles, and strategic plan of the college.

Scope of Work:

  • Develop, review, and evaluate a strategic plan for student affairs
  • Update the student affairs strategic plan according to the guidelines of the college-wide planning system
  • Set new student affairs directions that align with the mission, core values, learning principles and strategic plan of the college
  • Review and provide input regarding college-wide student affairs policies
  • Ensure the college's alignment with accreditation Standard 3: Students


  • VP Academic and Student Affairs 1
  • Executive Dean of Academic and Student Affairs 1
  • Classified 2
  • Faculty 2
  • Managers 2
  • Students 2
  • Additional members by position 0-4