Finance Council Long Range Financial Planning Report

This council has been merged into the work of College Council.

Finance Council Long-Range Financial Planning Report

Finance Council, the financial policy and planning body of Lane Community College’s governance system, have completed the development of a long-range financial plan to serve the college for the next five years, with annual updates. This plan will support the college’s strategic plan, learning plan, facilities master plan, and other strategic planning efforts.

While we are subject to the whims of the wind and the sea, we also get to chart our own course and find our own destiny.
—Russ Pierson

Broad-based input, in-depth analysis, and a diversity of perspective are essential to the ongoing work of plan development and reshaping. The 2017-2022 Long Range Financial Plan Conversation Kit website provide information about the long-range financial planning process and provide a framework for contribution for individuals and groups across campus.

In general, the planning process in year 2016/2017 went well, with broad engagement, contribution, and vetting from stakeholder groups from across the campus. The council hit an obstacle late in the development process, when white paper addressing the college's Education Service Environment was introduced. This section was part of the original plan outline, but the content was not made available until late in the process and the council didn't have time to distribute widely and provide opportunity for discussion, feedback and robust editing in keeping with its planning principles. In the end, the council agreed to move forward with approving the planning report without this content, but including it as a related document that can and will be used in scenario planning and further development in the coming year(s).

Another issue that arose was inadvertent omission of capital renewal recommendations from the Facilities Management and Planning Department. This content was provided to the council and also to the Board of Education as a supplementary handout