CLEP Testing Information

Students wanting to earn credit through CLEP exams may schedule their exam through the University of Oregon and designate LCC to receive their scores

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The College Board's College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) are a collection of nationally standardized examinations, covering 33 different subject areas. CLEP is accepted for credit by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 1,800 test centers. This rigorous program allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit.

Currently, Lane offers credit on 22 of the 33 exams, passing scores and actual course equivalencies can be found here:

Lane CLEP Credit Information

CLEP credits do not directly transfer from Lane, but testing scores can be used at other institutions. Check with your institution before taking the test.

Testing Fee

The CLEP exam fee is currently $89. Military service members may be eligible for free exams (Check Eligibility).

If you are willing to complete the courses, you may qualify (if available) for a free CLEP voucher through a non-profit Modern States.