Academic Progress Standards

General Information

Academic Progress Standards (APS) support is currently being offered remotely by email or virtual appointment (See below for details). 

Mission: Lane Community College is committed to supporting all certificate and degree seeking students in attaining identified academic and career goals by monitoring progress and completion of attempted credits and minimum grade point average for each term enrolled.

CORE Purpose: Academic Progress Standards (APS) identifies students not making progress towards established goals. In an effort to support student success, APS strives to provide proactive services, resources, and learning opportunities for students who have not met academic progress standards. These appropriate and timely interventions focus on promoting student success.

Narrative: Lane provides a series of progressive interventions (Alert 1Alert 2Alert 3Alert 4) to its students not meeting Academic Progress Standards (APS). The strategic and timely interventions are designed to:

  • identify and address barriers or obstacles interfering with progress and completion of academic goals
  • develop and implement personalized success/action plans
  • teach, mentor, and coach students to utilize success practices
  • assess and track individual student achievement
  • properly refer students to appropriate student support services and resources
  • increase student retention
  • facilitate timely transfer to respective institutions, programs, and the workforce
  • promote degree and award completion

Academic Progress Standards are based on academic performance for each individual term. Attaining a minimum GPA of 2.0 and completing at least 67% of attempted credits each term ensures Good Academic Standing. Should a student fall below either of these performance indicators, an Alert Status will be activated and the student will be required to complete an intervention listed above.

At the end of every term, the College will review each student's progress. The following identifies the required interventions if a student does not meet these standards:

Term GPA Completion Rate Academic Standing Intervention
1st Less than 2.0 Less than 67% Alert 1 Requires completion of Alert 1 - Requires access to your Moodle page
2nd Less than 2.0 Less than 67% Alert 2 Requires Alert 2 - Requires access to your Moodle page and completion of the Success Plan Questionnaire
3rd Less than 2.0 Less than 67% Alert 3 Requires enrollment in Alert 3 - Requires access to your Moodle page and completion of the Success Plan Questionnaire
4th Less than 2.0 Less than 67%

Alert 4

Requires Alert 4 - Requires access to your Moodle page and consultation with a Lane Retention Counselor

Special Note: Attempted credits include all credits a student is enrolled in at the beginning of the second week of the term, after the Refund Deadline. Refund deadlines for summer terms can vary. Check the Refund Schedule for details.

For more information, visit the College Online Policy and Procedure System describing Academic Progress Standards.

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