Meet the Staff

Gender Equity Center

Meet the Staff

Associate Dean of Student Engagement

Marci Parker
Gender Equity Center Project Specialist II
Phone: 541-463-5352

Katherine Oglesby
She/Her They/Them
Gender Equity Center / Title IX Counselor
Phone: 541-463-5137

Katherine earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the New College of Florida and her master's degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She has lived all over the United States, but her family home is in Atlanta, Georgia. She is most passionate about supporting folks as they heal from trauma and engaging with inspiring people and communities to work together to end sexual violence and build healthy, equitable relationships for all. In addition to being the counselor for the GEC and Title IX, Katherine also facilitates our campus's sexual violence prevention work, and teaches the Women in Transition courses. Her hobbies include doing art and making just about anything, being outside in the sun biking or hiking, playing video games, cooking, and yoga. Her favorite things are cats and dinosaurs!

Get to know your Gender Equity Center Ambassadors

Gender Equity Center Ambassador Biographies:

Caden Carlson (He/Him) is a native Oregonian. Caden is a fine arts major who is into illustration/concept design! His favorite pastimes are hiking and drawing while in nature. Caden loves food, vacations and his car. Hispassion is story writing and character design. 

Salinas Vanegas (She/Her) is from Portland. She is currently reaching towards her Associates in Drafting at LCC. She hopes to be a Drafts"Woman". Her hobbies include shopping, eating yummy food, bike riding, camping, swimming at the river, gardening and watching her favorite tv shows. Some of her favorite things in the world are her family, wife, and her 9 year old German Shepherd pup named Kitty. Her new found passion is gardening and something she has always been passionate about is makeup.