Information for breastfeeding mothers

Information for Breastfeeding Mothers

Is there a place for breastfeeding mothers to nurse or pump?

Yes! If you are a breastfeeding mother, and need a private place to pump or breastfeed your little one, there is a Mothers' Room in the Center Building just for you. It is located on the second floor, north end of the building, near the Tutor Center. The Mothers' Room is in the area of restrooms, right across from the Family Restroom. It is a private, locking room, with a comfortable chair and foot rest, a small cabinet to place things on, and a sink for washing your hands and supplies.

You may also come to the the Gender Equity Center to nurse, in Building 1 Room 202. We presently have a private room available for all private needs, including breastfeeding.

The Lane Childcare Center in Building 24 supports nursing mothers as well.

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