Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Women In Transition Fall Term 2018

View the schedule of Women in Transition (WIT) Information Sessions, required for students to attend in order to be cleared to enroll in WIT classes.

On-Going Happenings!

Call the Gender Equity Center at (541) 463-5353 or email for the dates and times of exciting activities and events year round.

Example "On-Going Happenings" activities and events from the academic year 17-18. Please return for 18-19 events to be listed soon!

Tuesday Teas: EVERY Tuesday from 12-2p in the Gender Equity Center, Bldg. 1, Rm 202! Enjoy our many varieties of tea, delicious cookies and pastries, and hang out with our amazing staff! We have comfy couches, and a relaxed atmosphere with great music! Everyone is welcome in our brave new space!

Gender Pride Flag Project: Calling all Titans! The GEC is reaching out and needs your help. We are sponsoring the Gender Pride Flag Project. The goal of the Project is to collect Gender Pride flags representing the gender diversity of Lane staff and students, and then decorate the GEC with your flags! Once you choose a flag that represents you, we invite you to make an 8” x 10” version of it, then donate it to the Project. The only condition is that it has to be made from washable materials (fabric, yarn, string, etc.). We ask that flags be donated as they are completed through the end of the term. Those are the guidelines so sew away, or knit or crochet a flag! Make one for you or even for a friend! Have fun with it. Make a fun flag-making night with friends. Can't sew? Have your friends help, or ask a Gender Equity Center Ambassador to help you. Thank you for making the start of our Gender Equity Center a great experience. For more information or guidance, contact the Gender Equity Center at, (541) 463-5353, or stop by Building 1, Room 202. To help you find the flag you might want to make, go here for gender pride flag ideas.

Knitting Group, and all are welcome! Meets Thursdays throughout the term, beginning April 5, from 1-2p in the Gender Equity Center. Share your skills, and do some stress-relieving knitting during finals week! Beginners welcome!

I'll Go With You 
I'll Go With You ButtonWhen trans and gender non-conforming students use gendered bathrooms ("men" and "women" rooms), they face the possibility of harassment or violence. Become an ally! Get information (and a button!) to wear on a jacket or daypack to indicate publicly that you are willing to be asked by individuals to go to a bathroom where they may fear going alone. Information table in the Center Building most of the first day of spring term, April 2. Stop by the Gender Equity Center at all other times. For more information go to the I'll go with you site.

"Talking Topics" Series, Spring Term:

A series of workshops brought to you by the Gender Equity Center, facilitated by GEC Student Ambassadors. Come explore topics in a peer facilitated environment. Discuss topics that will enhance your success as a person. Attend one or all. Pre-registration is not necessary. Free coffee and tea!

All workshops are held in the Gender Equity Center on the Main Campus, building 1, Room 202.

Monday, April 16, 12-1p, "Gender Queerness/Non-Conforming": Thought provoking and open-minded conversations. All genders welcome!

Wednesday, April 25, 11:30a-1p, "'Take Back the Night' Poster-Making": Join us in supporting "Take Back the Night" activities by creating posters for the UO event on April 26.

Thursday, May 3, 1-2p, "Empathy & Compassion": Discussion includes why these qualities are important and how we can express these qualities in our every day lives with self, within our personal relationships and in our interactions with other people.

Monday, May 7, 12-1p, "Self Care/Me Time": Self care discussions in conjunction with Physical and Mental Health Awarenesss Month.

Wednesday, May 16, 12-1p, "Privilege": Join us for thought provoking and open-minded conversation on what privilege is in today’s world. Free coffee and tea.

Thursday, May 24, 1-2p, "Consent": What is concent, and what is not? Why is learning about concent so important? Join us for a dialog about consent, and bring your ideas and questions with you.

Wednesday, May 30, Noon-1p, "Stereotypes": Are stereotypes helpful or harmful? Are they useful or do they create barriers? What can we do to open people's minds to seeing beyond appearance? Join for a deliberative dialog about stereotypes and how they shape our world view.

Thursday, May 31, 1-2p, "Safe Space vs. Brave Space": "Safe Space" is a place where students can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm. A "Brave Space" goes a step further in providing a community space where different points on a journey of learning and growing are acknowledged, embraced, and open for constructive dialog. The GEC embraces the Brave Space concept.

To request accommodations contact the Center for Accessible Resources at least one week in advance at (541) 463-5150 or