Transfer Student Information

Award Information - Transfer Student Information

You may only receive aid from one school during each term. If you plan to transfer from one school to another during the school year or want to attend a different school than you originally listed on your financial aid application, you will need to add that school to your FAFSA application so they can receive your FAFSA information. You can add or delete schools from your application by following instructions at the US Department of Education web site at or contact the Federal Processor at (800) 433-3243.

Lane's Counseling Department is a complete resource for students who plan to transfer to and from Lane. You may also view information in Counseling. Counselors and advisors are available to help you with academic planning to ensure that course work is appropriate for the program you wish to pursue.

Students who wish to take courses at another institution in addition to their courses at Lane CC may be eligible to apply for a Consortium Agreement. An approved consortium agreement allows a student to combine credits at both institutions for financial aid eligibility at their "host" school. Go to and click on the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement to view eligibility requirements and form instructions.

Students interested in the Dual Enrollment Program with the University of Oregon may find out more information at University of Oregon Office of Admissions.

Students interested in the Degree Partnership Program at Oregon State University may find out more information at OSU Degree Partnership Program.