Title IV Release

Beginning the Process - Your College Bill and Title IV Funds Release

Your College Bill

When you register for the first time, your charges will appear under the myFinances tab in myLane. You are responsible for paying your account in full, even if you are sponsored by an agency, expect to receive financial aid, think that a family member will pay, or never attended the class. You cannot register for a subsequent term unless your account is paid in full.

For further information regarding your college bill, go to College Tuition, Fees, and Payments.

Title IV Funds Release

Financial aid will be used to pay tuition, fees, books and supplies (institutional charges) charged to your account at the time of disbursement each term. The College may do so without your permission.

Lane offers financial aid students the opportunity to charge non-institutional expenses such as childcare (when a Lane Community College child care facility is used). In addition to these cost of attendance expenses, other charges, such as fines and finance charges can accumulate on your account. All financial aid students are given the opportunity to choose if they want non-institutional charges deducted from their disbursement by completing the Title IV Release Authorization in myLane. If you choose not to have these charges paid by financial aid, you will be billed for these charges and will not be able to register for subsequent terms until your account is paid.