Welcome to English as a Second Language at Lane Community College

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ESL has programs for:

  • Residents living here permanently and other people in the U.S. on non-immigrant visas
  • International students with F1 visas who come to Lane to study in the USA.

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Lane Community College offers English as a Second Language classes from Pre-Beginning to College Transition levels to help English language learners:

  • Improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Meet their own personal goals

ESL students want to learn English to:

  • Get a job/a better job
  • Participate more in the community
  • Help their children in school
  • Transition to a Lane degree or certificate program or to other colleges and universities
  • Study in the USA and return to their home countries

At Lane, resident students and international ESL students attend classes together. Students say working with and making friends with people from around the world is an important part of their learning experience.

ESL Department mission statement - The mission of English as a Second Language is to assist non-native speakers, both resident and international students, to achieve educational, workplace or other personal goals by facilitating English language learning and intercultural understanding in a supportive, respectful environment