Tuition, Fees and Payments

Please Note: Credit Level Students do not receive paper bills, unless you have "opted" individually to have one sent.

Students admitted as noncredit/continuing education students will be mailed paper statements, to the most recent address LaneCC has on file, unless they opt to receive email reminders.

Refund information and deadlines

Payment due date Information

Statement of Non-Discrimination in our financial assistance programs

Lane Community College is committed to non-discrimination in our financial assistance programs, in compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws, including the petitions for exceptions to the refund process. Terrie Minner, Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Center for Accessible Resources, (541) 463-5150 is the ADA Compliance Officer for students and is the designated employee who is responsible for addressing student's questions and concerns regarding disability discrimination.

See Lane's full Nondiscrimination Statement.

College Tuition, Fees and Payments

When you have registered for classes, your charges will appear on the Home page, and on the myFinances page in myLane

It is expected that your current charges will be paid before the end of each term. Non-payment of any current term charges may result in dropping of your next term's classes.

Your payment for each term is due the 15th of the first month of that term. You may carry a balance, however, there is a 2% late fee assessed on the next business day. Billing will then cycle monthly, with an additional 2% late fee after the 15th of each month.

To avoid late fees, you may also set up a payment plan on the online payment system, which will automatically withdraw your payments. There is a $25 fee to sign up for this service, but there are no late fees, so long as your payment is processed at the time it is due. 

If your account goes over 90 days, Lane will mail a final notice to your last known address. If your account goes over 120 days, your account will be referred to collections. See the Collection Accounts page for more information.

Other deadlines can affect Registration and Transcripts: Because Lane Community College also runs on an academic year, with four distinct academic quarters, there may be other deadlines that apply which relate to parts of the term you are in, for example:

At Lane, charges include:

By adding up these individual costs, you will know your total bill.

How to check your bill:

To view your account, login to myLane. Your account balance is displayed on the upper right of the home screen. You will find more detailed information on the "myFinances" tab.

"Account summary by term" shows an up-to-the-minute summary of all charges incurred so far, divided into terms.

"Account detail by term" shows an up-to-the-minute detail of each transaction, divided into terms.

"Statement and payment history" shows the actual statement created by the 17th of the month, and is a snapshot of the date it was created. It does not show charges/payments after the creation date.

Payment methods:


  • Online
    via myLane with a web check, savings account, credit card or debit card. You may view and pay your bill on the home page or by clicking on the "myFinances" tab. All transactions are handled through a highly secure payment system.
    • How do I change my payment method?
      1. Log into your account ‘myLane’.
      2. Choose the tab ‘myFinances’.
      3. Click the link ‘Make an Online Payment’ and log in.
      4. To the right side of the screen is link ‘My Payment Profile’.
      5. There you may add or delete saved payment profiles.
  • In Person
    at Building 1 (Student Services), you can pay at the windows or use the Enrollment Services drop box. Please include your student "L" number with your check. Enrollment Services advisors can take cash or checks in person, but not credit/debit card payments.
  • International Students
    Via  Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, generally in your home currency.

Parents, spouses, employers and others:

Past Due collections accounts:

If you have an account that is at collections, payment may only be made through the collection agency, not at LaneCC directly. You can find contact information in your myLane account when you attempt to pay online.

See the Collection Accounts information page.