Planned Course of Study

Planned Course of Study

When you complete the online admissions form, you will be asked to indicate your intended area of study.

How to choose your intended Program/Degree goal 

If you are not certain what your goal is, the "Program of Study Wizard" is a helpful tool you will in the "Steps to Enroll" under "Step 1-Admissions".

What if I change my mind or want to add a second (or more) Program of Study?

You can change your degree and major goals in myLane, under the "myEnrollment" tab. This is limited to once per term.

How to choose your Program of Study in the Admission form

Each Associates degree or Certificate program offered by Lane is listed in a drop-down menu in the online Admission form, in alphabetical order. Carefully select the one that best fits your intended goal.

School of Professional and Technical Careers Programs: School of Professional and Technical Careers programs lead to one-year and two-year certificates and two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees. All of Lane's professional technical majors are listed, along with the degree or certificate that is earned when you complete the program.

College Transfer Programs: If you are planning to transfer to a 4-year college or university, choose one of the five College Transfer Degrees listed. Then choose one of the College Transfer Majors listed. (Direct Transfer is not eligible for financial aid).

Here just for a class or two

Not Seeking a Degree: If you are enrolling in classes for personal enrichment, skills updates, or another reason, and are not seeking any Lane degree or certificate, then select "Taking Credit Classes No Degree or Transfer-No Financial Aid". This is the last choice at the bottom of the drop-down degree/program list.

If you choose "Taking Credit Classes", you will usually not be required to take placement tests, and you will not be required to attend Academic Advising. However, you will also not be eligible for Financial Aid.