General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition

General Education Substitution and Waiver Petition

The Academic Requirements Review Committee (ARRC) reviews petitions to waive or substitute the college's graduation requirements. There is a separate petition form for refunds through College Finance. The committee meets between Week 7 or 8 of Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Summer term petitions will be reviewed as they arrive. 

I am pursuing a Career Technical Program (AAS, certificates)

Program Course and General Education Requirements Waivers and Substitutions

If the instructional Dean or designee approves a waiver or substitution for their program, you do not need to petition. The instructional Dean or designee will need to email the request on your behalf.

An instructional Dean or designee may:

  • use an approved course on a student's transcript to substitute or waive any required core program course
  • substitute courses in foundational skills or discipline studies requirements within the relevant Associate of Applied Science or certificate as long as they are within the same category's requirements (ex. arts and letters course substitutes for another arts and letters course, a human relations course substitute for another human relations course etc).

I am pursuing a Transfer/General Education Degree ( AAOT, all AS, all ASOT, and AGS)

Transfer Degrees: Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, Associate of Science, and Associate of Science Oregon Transfer

General Degree: Associate of General Studies

General Education Substitutions and Waivers

Waivers and substitutions to these degrees will only be approved under exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances and should not be submitted without due cause.

Before you submit, you should talk to your program's academic advisor to determine if Credit by Prior Learning or Assessment is an appropriate route instead of a petition. 

Substitution definition: using a non-required course on your transcript in the place of the required course

Waiver definition: a release from a requirements as written in the catalog

Substitutions and waivers for the college's foundational skills and discipline studies requirements can be submitted by any student without a statement of support. However, it is recommended that you work with the appropriate staff or faculty to obtain a statement of support for your request(s). 

Who can help me with a letter of a support?

Please talk to:

Before submitting this form

Gather any supporting documentation to submit with this petition. The more documentation you provide may help support your petition. If you do not upload a statement of support, your contact person is required to email their statement to your Lane Titan email and the Degree Evaluators as soon as possible.


Subject: ARRC petition (Student Name)

If the supporting documentation has not arrived within a week of you submitting your petition, we will reach out to you. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the supporting documentation arrives by the deadline. Petitions deemed to be incomplete will be returned to the student for resubmission.

Deadline to Submit:

Submit by Thursday of Week 6 during Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Submissions received during summer term will be reviewed as they arrive.

The petition decision will be sent to your student Titan email account within two weeks of the meeting.

It is important to update your contact information (ex address and telephone) in the Home tab of your myLane in case we need to contact you. 


The ARRC will make a decision on your request and notify you and your academic advisor of the decision within two weeks of the meeting. Decisions will be emailed to your Lane student account ( 

Please complete this petition online. The form is below:

Petition for a Course Substitution or Waiver Form

Requests and decisions will only be sent to your Lane account.

Reason For Petition 

General Education include but are not limited to writing, math, arts/letters, human relations, etc...
All employees must be working within the program of study you are pursuing
If you have the letter of support ready, please upload it to this petition. Any petition missing their letter of support will be notified. You are required to make sure your designee follows through in providing the committee with this letter. PDF and HTML are suggested
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt rtf html pdf doc docx.