Credit Fees and Expenses

Credit Fees and Expenses

Tuition rates, fees and refunds are subject to change with prior notice.

Technology Fee: $9 per credit hour. This fee helps pay for technology used to run classes and serve students, ie: "smart" classrooms, online courses, wi-fi, etc.

Term fees: The following fees are paid once each term, depending on whether you are taking classes on Main Campus, or at one of the outreach centers or by distance learning.

Transportation Fee: If taking credit classes on main campus: $27 per term. This fee pays for expenses related to parking lot maintenance and security, as well as providing all credit students with an LTD bus pass for the term.

If taking credit classes at locations other than main campus only: $5 per term. This fee pays for expenses related to parking lot maintenance and security.

Student Activity Fee: $56.05 per term. This fee is paid by students taking courses for credit on main campus. Fees are assessed annually by the Lane Board of Education, based on recommendations from the Student Activity Fee Committee and the President.

Some specific components:
Co-op $7.62
ASLCC Operations $9.14
Athletics and Recreational Sports $11
International Study Program $2
BSU $.50
Women's Program (Gender Equity Center) $2
Torch $2.90
Student Clubs and Organizations $1.74
OSA $2.65
CDC Subsidy (Child Dev) $1
Longhouse Building $3.0,
Student Production Association $.55
Learning Garden $1.50
Military/Vets Center $1
NASA $.65
MeCHA de $.65
GSA $.65
Asian/Pacific Islander Student Union $.50
Legal Services $4

Student Health Fee: $45 per term. This fee is paid by students taking credit courses on main campus (including "audit"). It is used to help pay for the Health Clinic which is available to main campus students. If all of your classes are online, you will not be charged for the Student Health Fee for that term.

One Time Credit Enrollment Fee: $30 one time fee. This fee is assessed one time for all students enrolling in credit classes and pays for placement testing and the degree/certificate application process. (Because of the way the fee is assessed, for long-term students, this fee may be added much later than the first term, because not all students have paid it in their first credit term.)

Online Course Fee: $25 per online course fee. Covers online course development, instructor training, online Z-Degree development, online tools.

Late Add Fee: $100 per class. Students are expected to register for their classes. Grades submitted for non-registered students after the last day to add classes in myLane will result in this fee being assessed for each late grade submitted, in addition to all related tuition and fees.

International credit students also pay an International Student Fee: $125 per term

Additional Charges Credit Students May Experience:

Books/Materials: While there is no specific amount charged for books and materials and each class will vary, a good estimate to use is approximately $125 per credit course.

Photo ID/Bus Pass: You are not required to have a Lane photo ID, but one is available. Lane Community College students taking a credit class on main campus or the Downtown Center or ESL students taking classes at main campus or the Downtown Center, are eligible for a bus pass when they pay the transportation fee. See the LCC Bus Pass page for details.