Changing Grading Options

Changing Grading Options

You can change your grading option for a class after you register for it and any time up until the Last Day for Schedule Changes during the term. For example, change from a Letter grade to the Pass/No Pass or Audit option. To change grade options in myLane:

  1. Click on Grade Mode listed to the right of the CRN.
  2. Click on the arrow to see the other grade options
  3. Click on the grade option you want
  4. Click on Submit Changes at the bottom of the page
  5. Check to make sure the change is correctly displayed on the screen.

Variable Credit Classes

If you register for a course that is offered for variable credit, you need to do an additional step in myLane to indicate how many credits you intend to enroll for. myLane will always automatically enroll you for the minimum number of credits for a variable credit course. It is up to you to change the number of credits if you wish to do so.

If you decrease the number of credits in a variable credit class AFTER the refund deadline, your account summary will initially show a refund of tuition for these credits, but this will be corrected within 1-2 business days. There is no refund for reduced credits after the refund deadline for the course without documented extenuating circumstances. Credit levels cannot be adjusted on Wednesdays.

To change the number of credits:

In the Add/Drop screen, select the number of credits listed to the right of the CRN for the course.Type the number of credits you want, within the limits provided.Select "Submit Changes" at the bottom of the screen. Caution! It is possible to "scroll" the number of credits when attempting to move to the bottom of the screen. Double check the number of credits before selecting the "Submit Changes" button.Check to make sure the change is correctly displayed.