HS Student Resources

HS Student Resources

High School Connections & Cooperative Education Division continues to provide information and services virtually.
The physical office will be closed until further notice pending further updates.

How to Register in myLane

Next Steps After Registration

  1. Check availability of college services
  2. Find your textbooks at the Titan Store - will need the course name, instructor, and CRN
  3. Get your bus pass (students only taking online classes are not eligible)
  4. Get your $5 student ID card at the Titan Store (photo ID is required)
  5. Find your classrooms before classes start/tour campus - your student schedule is in myLane - under Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Registration and Books
  6. Research which payment plan will work best for you (if applicable)
  7. Pay your bill on time in myLane - under Enrollment and Student Financial Services, Student Accounts Menu
  8. Consider taking the free course, RTEC 101 Gateways to College and Career, to help you transition to Lane during your first term
  9. Check your designated Lane student Gmail account frequently
  10. Get free MS office.
  11. Review other college resources that you can use and stay updated about Lane's service availability (most departments are phone or email)
  12. Apply for scholarships while you are in HS - yes there are ones available to 9th-11th graders. Oregon Scholarships

How to Learn online 

Learn how to use Moodle and Zoom before the term starts.

Learn about tutoring: Online tutoring is available for many classes , choose Live E-tutoring at the top left. Login with your L# and mylane password.

Learn about Lane's Online support

What is expected of a high school student taking a college class?

As a high school student taking classes at Lane, you agree to the following:

A College Learning Environment Is Adult-Oriented.

The development of critical thinking in an adult oriented college learning environment requires an examination of many ideas, concepts, and themes. Open discussions and the free exchange of ideas often include adult subjects that demand maturity and respect for the opinions and values of other persons. I am choosing to be in an adult oriented learning environment and recognize that course content, instructor focus and class discussions will not be amended to account for my age. Staff expects mature, adult behavior and will provide feedback on academic progress only to the student, regardless of age. 

It is your responsibility to:

  • Talk to your High School Counselor/Transition Counselor and the High School Connections Advisor every term about approved courses. The Transition Counselor will determine which college classes will meet high school graduation requirements
  • Register early in myLane for the approved courses
  • Check your designated Lane student Gmail account frequently
  • Communicate regularly with instructors and the High School Connections Advisor
  • Keep track of your L# and password to use for myLane, Moodle, and Gmail
  • Watch the Add/Drop and other deadlines on the Academic Calendar
  • Monitor myLane account (balance, registration, announcements)
  • Attend all classes regularly
  • Have academic honesty and integrity
  • Give your best efforts. These courses will be on your permanent Lane transcript and are included in the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards (financial aid) calculations