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October 24 is Take Your Ethnic Food to Work Day! 

Take Your Ethnic Food to Work Day is a celebration of food and cultural tradition. Many immigrants to the United States have shared stories of being ostracized or shamed for bringing their traditional, “stinky” foods into common spaces at work or school. Foods that are smell or look drastically different from those included in the mainstream American diet are often discouraged in common break rooms and cafeterias because they can be upsetting or disruptive for coworkers. While it began as a parody holiday, Take Your Ethnic Food to Work Day has become an empowering, positive celebration of sharing and enjoying traditional foods. 

On October 24, you are invited to join LCC colleagues for a pot luck in celebration of traditional ethnic foods! Bring your stinky, funky, fishy, fermented favorites to enjoy and share without judgment. Non-stinky food is welcome too! Sign up to let us know what you plan to bring(you’ll need to be logged in to your lanecc.edu G Suite account to access)

This special event will be held in the Longhouse from noon to 1:30pm on Thursday, October 24. We’ll provide the plates/napkins/flatware/water. Drop in anytime, even if you don’t make a dish. Everyone is welcome and invited!

Questions? Contact the Steering Committee: 

  • Deborah Butler
  • Mai Mathers
  • Tatiana Bakhtina 

Read more about Take Your Ethnic Food to Work Day: 

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