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Each Career-Technical Education (CTE) program at Lane Community College has an active Advisory Committee. The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program Advisory Committee has 35-40 members and primarily includes local, industry professionals, our Faculty and Staff, and two to four student representatives (usually our Student Ambassadors and Student Club Officers). Meetings are held the first Friday each month, October through June during the academic year. 

Advisor and studentThe Committee is the program's connection to the industry in order to better understand current needs and trends, either nationally or locally. The Committee's industry professionals offer the program: unique guidance to the development of our curriculum; communications and public relations for our program; job opportunities; and general support of our program's goals and events. 

Advisory Committee members also participate in choosing our program's Foundation Scholarship recipients, as well as providing industry scholarships, internships, and cooperative education experiences through their businesses. The Advisory Committee is always invited to our Program's events throughout the year such as the Welcome Lunch, Classical Cuisine dinners, Alumni Connections events, and the Graduation Lunch. 

We encourage students to get to know an Advisory Committee member at one of our events or attend a meeting during their enrollment in the program!

Note: If you are an industry professional that would like to contribute to the Advisory Committee, please contact Wendy Milbrat for more information!

Congratulations to the CAHM Program Advisory Committee 2010-11!!

Lane's Career & Technical Education Coordinating Committee (CTECC) awarded the CAHM program Advisory Committee in April, 2011 with the Outstanding Achievement Award "in recognition of their achievement in providing exceptional guidance and support in creating a quality workplace." CTECC conducted its three-year review for the CAHM Program's Advisory Committee in 2009, and awarded the program with a grade of "Excellent" in all 6 review categories.

The CAHM Program Vision, Mission and Goals Statement

Committee members sampling foodVision:

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program is:
Forging a first class venture of education and business that promotes career growth and supports the success of the industry


Contributing to the success of students, the industry, and the institute through partnerships, education, and innovation

Adopted on April 2, 2004
By the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program
Advisory Committee