Covid-19 Information

Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

While Lane Community College remains open, the campus remains closed to the public, and access to the campus is restricted to students participating in courses with required hands-on components. Anyone who must be on campus needs to adhere to proper safety procedures. Most campus services are available online. View the service availability page to learn more.

Any employees who needs to come to campus must first get approval from their manager, and must adhere to proper safety procedures.

Anyone coming to campus should complete the daily health assessment. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, please complete the self report form.

Reopening Safely Guidelines

  • Face coverings are required for all employees and students on campus
  • Instruction requiring hands-on components may be allowed in accordance with an approved department reopening plan. Other classes remain remote.
  • Instruction and college work that can be done remotely will still be done remotely in this stage
  • Students and employees must compete a daily health assessment before coming to campus
  • Limit use of campus facilities to those required for instruction or job duties
  • Campus is closed to the public

View reopening plans

Reopening Information

College reopening plans will continue to evolve as new guidance become available. View approved department reopening plans, reopening resources, and information on submitting your department's reopening plans.

Travel Restrictions

Through at least December 31, there will be no non-essential travel for college business, including within the state of Oregon. Employees should communicate with their manager for guidance on any travel.

Personal travel is discouraged. View CDC and Department of State advisories, alerts, and guidance.

Event Restrictions

Effective through at least December 30, or until further notice, Lane Community College campus and facilities remain closed to the general public and only open for official college business. This applies to events and all college and community-related performances, activities, and athletic events occurring on LCC campuses and facilities, unless permitted by an approved Department Re-opening plan.

Stay Safe. Protect others. Wear a mask! Even the campus turkeys know what to do.Learn to make a mask

Updated 9/19/2020