West Entrance Garden fountain, LCC main campus

Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

Welcome to Lane Community College's COVID-19 Information Page. Please note that the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration expired on May 11, 2023. As a result, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), Oregon Health Authority, and Lane County Public Health have transitioned from emergency response mode to integrating COVID-19 activities into sustainable public health practices.

While the emergency phase has passed, it remains crucial to stay informed about COVID-19 and take necessary precautions. We have compiled a list of helpful resources below to provide you with up-to-date information and guidance:

  1. U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC): Visit the CDC's official website for comprehensive information on COVID-19, including guidance for preventing the spread of the virus, vaccine information, and resources for various populations.
  2. Oregon Health Authority: The Oregon Health Authority's website offers state-specific information about COVID-19, including testing locations, vaccination updates, and guidelines for different sectors. Stay informed about local guidelines and recommendations.
  3. Lane County Public Health: Access the Lane County Public Health website for local COVID-19 updates, testing sites, vaccination clinics, and other community resources. Stay connected with your county's health department for specific regional information.
  4. LCC Student Health Clinic: The Lane Health Clinic provides a broad range of health care services to LCC students who pay the per-term health clinic fee. Services include evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses, preventative healthcare, wellness promotion, and referrals to community resources.

We encourage everyone to follow recommended guidelines and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and our community. Stay informed, safe and healthy!