Lane Community College urges Trump Administration to maintain DACA

August 31, 2017 brendenl

EUGENE, Ore.— The Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is critically important to thousands of community college students throughout the United States. Officials from the Trump Administration have indicated recently that President Donald J. Trump is weighing options relating to the continuance of DACA. This includes the possibility of phasing out or terminating the program. As the Administration considers the fates of the more than 750,000 young people nationally and an estimated 21,000 in Oregon registered under DACA, Lane Community College affirms its strong support for DACA and our DACA students and urges President Donald Trump to maintain this vitally important program.

DACA provides educational and career opportunities for undocumented young people who were brought to the United States as minors, and who frequently have no ties to the countries from which they came. Terminating or phasing out DACA will leave thousands of young people, including many LCC students, in limbo. In addition to the change in immigration status, the rescission of DACA will curtail the ability of these individuals to work lawfully and to receive in-state tuition in some instances.

Lane Community College is an open-access institution whose mission is to serve and educate all members of the community. DACA is an important asset that facilitates this mission, providing stability and economic opportunity. In June, the Lane Community College Board of Education passed Board Policy 650, Protection of Immigrant Students, which affirms the board’s commitment to ensuring access and a welcoming, safe learning environment for all students. View the policy online.

“The Lane Community College Board of Education unanimously affirmed its support for DACA students enrolled at LCC,” said Board of Education Chair Rosie Pryor. “The board is committed to ensuring students have a safe place to learn and flourish.”

Lane Community College urges the Trump Administration to maintain DACA, and to work with
Congress to implement a long-term solution that supports DACA students.

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Brett Rowlett, Director of Public Affairs

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