Nursing Assistant

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The Nursing Assistant course is offered every term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for Winter Term 2020 opens December 4, 2019.

It is highly recommended you attend an informational meeting before you register.

Winter Term Informational Meetings:

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Wednesday, November 20, 5:30-6:30pm
Thursday, November 21, 10:30-11:30am
Mary Spilde Downtown Center
101 West 10th Avenue
Room TBA

Course Information - Space is limited!

The Nursing Assistant course provides the student with the skills to perform basic level nursing care. Content includes introduction to health care facilities, role of the nursing assistant, communication, medical terminology, basic body structure and function, patient needs, basic growth and development, preventing infection, body mechanics, and much more. This course is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Upon successful completion of this non-credit course, students may sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing certification exam for nursing assistants at an additional fee.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites required to register for the Nursing Assistant Course. NO application or pretesting is required for this course. Attendance to an informational meeting is highly recommended.

One Term Only: The Nursing Assistant 1 course is ONE TERM ONLY. It is split into two half-term classes, Classroom Part One and Clinical Part Two, one following the other:

Nursing Assistant Class: Part One - Classroom

This is part one of a two-part class. Upon successful completion of Nursing Assistant Class-Part One, you will be able to register for Nursing Assistant Clinical-Part Two. Nursing Assistant Class-Part One and Nursing Assistant Clinical- Part Two must be successfully completed in order to sit for the Oregon State Board of Nursing certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Space is limited! Register Now!

Winter Term Sessions to be announced in mid-October

Nursing Assistant Clinical: Part Two - Clinical

This is part two of a two part class. You must successfully complete Nursing Assistant Class-Part One, in order to register for Nursing Assistant Clinical-Part Two. This class is designed to give the student a course of practice of basic level nursing care and skills. Last day for all students is Dec 7, location will be at Mary Spilde Downtown Center, Rm 327.

Winter Term Sessions to be announced in mid-October

Textbooks for Nursing Assistant 1 Classes:

The textbooks you will need for Nursing Assistant courses are listed here. Note that details such as publication edition, copyright year, and ISBN numbers will help you find the correct text when searching online. We highly recommend that you purchase the edition listed. If you buy from a site such as Powell's or, you can simply copy and paste the ISBN number into the search field.

Hartman’s Nursing Assisting, A Foundation in Care Giving Workbook
ISBN: 978-1604250626
4th Edition, 16
Author: Dugan
Publisher: Hartman
Cost: $16.85

Nursing Assistant, A Foundation in Caregiving Textbook
ISBN: 978-1604250619
4th Edition, 16
Author: Dugan
Publisher: Hartman
Cost: $52.88

Remember: Save your receipts. If you go to work in an LTC (long term care facility) after obtaining your certificate, and work there a minimum amount of time, you can obtain reimbursement for your course costs from that long term care employer...including textbook and testing fees!