Budget Committee Current FY

Budget Committee

The budget committee consists of seven members of the Board of Education as well as seven citizens from the community. Each board member appoints one citizen to the committee for a term of three years. Terms are staggered so that about one third of the appointed terms end each year. The committee leads the budget development process and encourage citizen input and public opinion about college programs and fiscal policies. If you want to make a public comment your comment is welcome on any of the dates that say "Public Comment Accepted," seen in the PDF below.

2018-2019 Committee Members

Citizens at Large Position

  • Zone 1 - Amber White
  • Zone 2 - Clarissa Parker
  • Zone 3 - Alayne Clarke
  • Zone 4 - Kevin Matthews
  • Zone 5 - Timothy Morris
  • At Large - Hillary Kittleson
  • At Large - Celine Swenson Harris

Board of Education Members

  • Zone 1 - Melanie Muenzer
  • Zone 2 - Susie Johnston 
  • Zone 3 - Mike Eyster 
  • Zone 4 - Matt Keating 
  • Zone 5 - Vacant
  • At Large - Rosie Pryor 
  • At Large - Lisa Fragala

Meeting Schedule

All meetings held on the Main Campus, 4000 E. 30th Ave, Eugene OR, in the LCC Boardroom, Building 3, Room 216

Budget Committee meeting schedule FY 2018-2019