Flight Technology

Flight Technology

Lane Aviation Academy
  • Flight instructors earn from $15,000-45,000.
  • Entry-level commercial pilots earn $28,000 through their probationary period.
  • Air carrier line pilots earn $45,000-250,000 annually.

Lane Aviation Academy provides safe, professional flight training for pilots from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot. KEUG airport in Eugene, Oregon is the ideal size for pilot training – not too big but with approach, tower, and ground controllers and airline service.

The weather is the best anywhere for safe instrument training in real instrument conditions. We fly in clouds. We offer Part 141 training for Private, Commercial, Instrument, a combined Professional Pilot course, and ATP Proficiency.

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Program Cost Estimate - 2016/17

Flight Technology

Manned Flight

Resident Tuition and student fees - $12,397
Program Specific Fees - up to $49,239
Certification, Licensure, Exams, Physicals - $1,000
Books - $1,800
Instruments/Tools - $300
Total - $64,736

UnManned Flight

Currently, two UAS classes are available:

FT123 UAS Commercial Test Prep
FT124 UAS Flight Lab

Cost per UAS class, including books, approximately - $400

Costs are based on resident tuition. Consult Lane's website for updated tuition and fees. International students should seek advice with the international office at Lane Community College for program costs.

What's the Flight Technology/Lane Aviation Academy program at Lane like?
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