Structure and Function

Structure and Function of ASLCCSG

Thank you for your interest in Student Government. Every student who is currently enrolled in one or more credit classes on the main campus and has paid the mandatory student body fee at LCC is a member of the Associated Students of Lane Community College (ASLCC). This pamphlet outlines the structure and policies of the ASLCC Student Government.

Twenty representatives comprise the Student Government. The Executive cabinet consists of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Campus Events and Multicultural Program Coordinator. The Staff consists of: Administrative Assistant, Communications Director, Student Resource Center/Food Services Director, Director of State Affairs and Book Consignment Director. The remaining ten (10) positions are Senators-at-Large.

The ASLCC is governed by several documents. The ASLCC Constitution outlines the basic form of Student Government and its policies and may be changed only by a vote of the student body. The ASLCC By-Laws provide more specific information: Job descriptions for student representatives, election rules, and other guidelines for Senate business and policies and can we changed at an ASLCC weekly meeting. In addition to the Constitution and By-Laws, the Student Government is also required to comply with all Lane Community College policies and procedures.

The ASLCC serves as the voice of the students on campus and provides programs and services based on student needs and requests. The ASLCC budget is based on a portion of the Mandatory ASLCC Student Activity fee. Other organizations that receive a portion of the fee are Denali, Pow Wow, International Student Program, Gender Equity Center and Legal Services. Childcare Co-op, Student Health Services, OSPIRG, Oregon Student Association (OSA), TORCH, the Athletic Department, Student Productions and the Longhouse building fee. The ASLCC Senate may also provide limited funding for clubs, organizations, programs, and departments that request financial assistance. Groups interested in requesting funds from ASLCC should log on to Orgsync Student Orgs icon on the upper right corner of your MyLane page. Funds requests forms can be found "Forms" in the ASLCC All Student portal. No requests are granted without completing a form on Orgsync and having a representative from the organization requesting the funds present at the senate meeting where the request is being considered.

ASLCC Meetings

ASLCC holds two separate meetings each week. A work session on Tuesday and a Senate Meeting on Thursday. Additionally, all staff members and elected officials have posted office hours.

Work Session

  • Day of the Week: Tuesdays, 4-6 pm
  • Location: Building 1, Room 201
  • Description: A closed meeting for ASLCC staff and senate members where training and discussion takes place for upcoming events and campaign work.

Senate Meeting

  • Day of the Week and Time: Thursdays, 4-6 pm
  • Location: either Building 3, Room 216, or Center Building, Room 202
    Download a PDF of the schedule of senate meetings for Winter 2019 and Spring 2019
  • Description: These are the business meetings for ASLCC, student government. Meetings are open to the public. This is a forum for discussion on funding proposals, school policy changes, leadership trainings, conferences, speakers & events on campus, voter registration, and student suggestions.


Committees focus on an area topic or issue. The Elections Committee plans and administers ASLCC elections each year. All other committees are referred to as Ad-Hoc Committees; they are formed to deal with specific issues that are not covered under Standing Committees.