The Associated Students of Lane Community College Student Government (ASLCCSG) is funded by a portion of your Student Activity Fee. ASLCCSG receives $9.14 from the Student Activity Fee to fund its operations, which include The Stash, the Rainy Day Food Pantry, and the Snack Shack in Building 1. Additionally, that money is used to support events planned by student clubs and unions on campus, to send students to skill building events, and to fund services like the Student Government Welcome Week, Midterm Self-Care Kits, and the Finals Week Fuel Station. Read more about these events and Our Work here.

Budget Process

Every year, the ASLCCSG budget is created by updating a projection created in the year prior for the Student Activity Fee Committee. Using that as a reference, the ASLCCSG Treasurer forms a budget committee. With input from the ASLCCSG advisor, the committee then uses the actual number of Student Activity Fee paying students in Week 3 of Fall Term to create a more accurate version of the projection. At any time, the ASLCCSG Senate can revisit and modify the budget with a vote, moving money from line items where less was spent to where more seems likely to be spent. This allows the current ASLCCSG in office to be flexible and modify the budget to fit within their own vision of what they see for student government that year.

For questions regarding our budget, please reach out to the ASLCCSG Treasurer, Ryan Freire, at

2018-19 Budget

View the ASLCCSG FY19 Budget.