Academic Learning Skills

Academic Learning Skills

Mission Statement:

The Academic Learning Skills Department provides instruction at both the developmental and transfer levels to prepare students for success in lower division and career/technical courses and in work, family and community settings. The Department uses assessment and placement information to offer sequenced credit courses in reading, writing, English as a Second Language, math and study skills.

Academic Learning Skills includes:

Credit courses to develop skills: These courses are helpful to students who have been out of school for a long time, lack confidence in their skills, or need to improve skills which are developed but not refined. Students who are at college for the first time, who did not do well in former schooling, or whose goals are to achieve high grades and strong knowledge are provided the instructional coursework to assure their success at Lane.

Credit Courses

Academic Learning Skills Department offers courses for college credit. For more information about courses, see the Study Skills and College Preparation heading in the course description section of the college catalog. Other specialized courses may be found under the following headings in the course descriptions: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

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New this term: ALS199 - Successful College Reading 

This course has an emphasis on reading and study strategies for disciplinary-specific texts. It offers an introduction to discipline-specific study methods and approaches to successfully read course textbooks and assessments, how to navigate information technology in the subject area, and how to develop rich academic vocabulary.- Watch video here.