Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Automotive tech student
If you like working on the engines of cars and trucks, then a career in Automotive Technology is worth exploring. Automotive mechanics use high-tech skills to inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles.

Instruction features state-of-the-art labs where students learn how to diagnose and repair vehicles using advanced diagnostic tools and equipment. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to take ASE exams and become certified technicians.

Employment opportunities include auto dealers, independent repair shops, auto and truck leasing facilities, government motor pool agencies, parts sales and other auto related service businesses.

Program Cost Estimate - 2016-17

Automotive Technology 2 Year Degree

Resident Tuition and student fees - $12,210
Differential Fees - $2,717
Other Course/Program Costs - $1,100
Tools - $2,750
Books and supplies - $1,257
Total - $20,034

Automotive Technology 2 Year Certificate

Resident Tuition and student fees - $10,920
Differential Fees - $2,543
Books, supplies, program Costs - $4,733
Total - $18,196

Costs are based on resident tuition. Consult Lane's website for updated tuition and fees. International students should seek advice with the international office at Lane Community College for program costs.

What's the Automotive Technology program at Lane like?
Get the scoop from students and faculty in this career preview video.