Transfer Programs

Transfer Programs

Students are encouraged to contact their assigned advisor to determine the best transfer plan. Advisors are assigned for every academic major. There are also advisors assigned to all students who have not yet chosen a major.

Financial Aid students, check here for important information.

General information

Lane Community College students who transfer to an Oregon public four-year college or colleges plan their academic programs to meet both General Education and academic major requirements for a Bachelor's degree. The General Education Requirements include the basic "liberal arts" core that makes up approximately one-third of the total credits needed for a four-year degree. There are several methods for meeting these General Education requirements:

  • Earn the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree from Lane before transferring.
  • Follow a "Direct Transfer" plan for the particular school to which you wish to transfer.

The information below describes some of these choices.

For all options, a second language is required for admission to UO if student graduated from high school Spring 1997 or after. See UO catalog.

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT)

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree is awarded by Lane Community College upon completion of the AAOT degree requirements. The AAOT degree fulfills the lower division general education requirements at the colleges and universities in the Oregon State System of Higher Education. However, a number of major departments may require specific courses that can be used for general education requirements. The requirements of the AAOT degree do not change once a student is enrolled and in continuous attendance. After the AAOT degree is earned, there is no time limit on the actual transfer.

Students choosing this option will select courses from the list of approved courses  for the AAOT degree (or see Lane's Catalog or AAOT degree information sheets). Students also need to be aware of the impact of their academic major requirements on the general education courses for the school to which they intend to transfer. With appropriate attention to these major requirements, completion of the AAOT degree will assure the student junior status, upon admission to the four-year school, with all lower division general education requirements completed.

Direct Transfer

Direct Transfer students take transfer coursework at Lane Community College for the purpose of satisfying another college or university's requirements. Students opting for Direct Transfer follow only the course requirements of the school to which they plan to transfer. Course requirements usually include coursework in the student's major, as well as general education requirements and electives in areas of interest.

The student does not earn a degree at Lane. Requirements at the four-year school for the major and general education may change before the student actually transfers. In some cases, the student will be subject to the new requirements.

Deciding Between the AAOT and Direct Transfer Methods

Reasons to Choose the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree:

  1. Student wants to complete a two-year degree before transferring to a four-year school.
  2. Student is undecided about a specific major or four-year school, yet plans to attend an Oregon public college or university.
  3. Coursework in the student's major fits within the AAOT degree requirements, so that extra courses are not required.
  4. Student wants to fulfill all the general education requirements for the Bachelor's degree before entering the four-year school.

Reasons to Choose the Direct Transfer Plan

  1. Student does not plan to complete sufficient credits for an Associates degree prior to transferring to a four-year school.
  2. Student plans to transfer to a private four-year school or out-of-state college/university and the AAOT may not fulfill their requirements.
  3. Courses required for a student's major may not fit within the AAOT degree requirements, so that extra courses are required to complete both the degree and academic major requirements.
  4. Students who have previously completed credits may need to take too many extra credits to fulfill the AAOT requirements.

Students who have selected a major should determine which transfer option best meets their needs by comparing the requirements of each method. If the AAOT can be completed without additional coursework, or with only a few additional courses, it may be the best option. If the AAOT requires a significant amount of additional coursework, Direct Transfer may be the best choice. In some cases a different Lane degree, such as the Associate of Science or the Associate of General Studies, may be compatible with a student's desire to earn a degree prior to transferring when the AAOT is not suitable. Students may explore this option with an advisor.

Transferring to a school outside of Oregon?

Students planning to transfer to an out of state school should contact that school for information. If possible, it's recommended that you visit the school as soon as possible. Take Lane's catalog and your transcript with you and meet with an Admissions counselor or advisor.