Accreditation Reports

Accreditation Reports

Summary of Yr 7 Accreditation Report Requirements

Lane submitted the Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness Report to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities in August 2021. The Commission is expected to respond to the report by about November 2021.

Accreditation Process

For a look at where we are in the process, please see the accreditation process web page.

Substantive Changes

To submit Curricular or Institutional Substantive Changes, please contact us

Policies, Regulations & Financial Review Report

The Revised Policies, Regulations & Financial Review Report was submitted March 1, 2021, based on a request for revisions by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The Commission accepted the report in the July 2021 NWCCU letter. NWCCU provided suggestions for improvement in areas substantially in compliance but in need of further work in the response to the report in July 2021

The Policies, Regulations & Financial Review Report is completed in year six of the seven-year cycle and was submitted September 10, 2020. The self-study and report focuses on governance, institutional integrity, policies, resources (financial, human, library & info resources, infrastructure) and previous recommendations. NWCCU provided an informal response in October. The recommendations to improve the report included adding more visuals (photos, tables), including a brief description of the College, slight organizational changes, and enhancing the section related to the Equity Lens and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Mid-Cycle Report

The Mid-Cycle Report is conducted in the third year of a seven-year cycle and provides evidence of mission fulfillment. It is meant to assist in determining if the process of institutional assessment will lead to a successful year seven self evaluation. This Mid-Cycle Report also includes addenda in response to previous recommendations. In October 2017, NWCCU provided a response to our Mid-Cycle Report. In January 2018, NWCCU provided a letter accepting our Mid-Cycle Report, noting status on recommendations, and removing the warnings from our last accreditation visit. 

Ad Hoc Report

The 2016 Ad Hoc Report was submitted to and accepted by NWCCU. The July 2016 NWCCU letter accepted the responses to Recommendations 2 and 7, and recognized that the College is substantially in compliance with respect to Recommendation 6. NWCCU issued a Warning for the responses to Recommendations 4 and 5 in 2016. In 2018, the warning was removed and NWCCU stated that Recommendations 4 and 5 were in compliance, but needed work. Subsequent report will address these topics. 

Previous Reports