Accreditation Reports

Accreditation Reports

Mid-Cycle Report

The Mid-Cycle Report is conducted in the third year of a seven year cycle and provides evidence of mission fulfillment and sustainability in year seven. It is meant to assist in determining if the process of outcome assessment will lead to a successful year seven self evaluation. This Mid-Cycle report also includes addenda in response to previous recommendations. In October, 2017, NWCCU provided a response to our Mid-Cycle report. 

February 2018 - Letter from NWCCU accepting our mid-cycle report, noting status on recommendations, and removing the warnings from our last accreditation visit. (Note-if you need this letter in a different format, contact the President's office with your request)

Ad Hoc Report

2016 Ad Hoc Report NWCCU's July 2016 letter accepting the responses to Recommendations 2 and 7, recognizing that the college is substantially in compliance with respect to Recommendation 6, and issuing a Warning for the responses to Recommendations 4 and 5 is available at: NWCCU July 2016 Letter

Previous Reports