GED Preparation

GED 2014 is here!

A new GED test series started in 2014.

To find out more about the GED 2014, please visit the GED Testing Service website for FAQ's:

GED Preparation

Step 1: You want to get your GED? Great idea! This is your road to college and job training. Did you know that to be eligible for federal financial aid, you must have a GED or high school diploma?

We can help you pass the GED tests by providing study courses and guidance. GED preparation students have the opportunity to take official GED practice tests online or from our test booklets.

Beginning in January of 2014 all GED tests are taken on a computer in a new version of the GED. Our instructors will prepare you for the new tests and help you feel more comfortable taking the tests online.

Are you 16 or 17 years old? Check out this link for important  information.

Hablas español? Presioné este enlace para leer sobre las clases de GED en español.

Step 2:  See our Orientation Schedule for the next available opportunity to enter our program.

Step 3: Find a class schedule that fits your life and location.

Unsure what to do?

Talk to our GED advisor:

Ashton Kayser, Advisor
Office Address: 4000 E 30th Avenue
Building 11 - Room 219
Eugene, OR 97401

Office Telephone: (541) 463-5723

Tuition Waivers and Scholarships

ABSE/GED classes are non-credit, free or low-cost courses and students enrolled in only ABSE classes do not qualify for financial aid.

We do have limited scholarships available to students who could not otherwise afford to take the GED exams.

After you earn your GED you may qualify for some free classes at Lane.  Find out more about tuition waivers and scholarships for a great start.

Student Fees: ABSE/GED students enrolled at the Main Campus and Downtown Campus will be charged the current LCC transportation fee of $27. This will allow students at these two locations to obtain a LTD Bus Pass for no additional charge. All other ABSE/GED sites will remain free of charge and students will not be eligible for a free or discounted bus pass through Lane CC.  

Teen GED Options

We have a support program for high school-aged students. This program is for you if:

  • You are 16 – 17 years old
  • You can read at a secondary level
  • You are in high school, or
  • You are not in high school (either way!)
  • You have a release form from your local high school. (The decision to release a student is made by local school district officials in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes and local school district policy.)
  • Home-schooled students can obtain a release form from your local Educational Service District (Lane E.S.D.)

Your classes will be held at the 30th Avenue campus.

Ashton Kayser, Teen GED Advisor
4000 E 30th Avenue
Building 11 - Room 219
Eugene, OR 97401

Office Telephone: (541) 463-5723

El GED en Español

Las clases de GED en español proveen instrucciones en su idioma para preparar y ayudar a los estudiantes pasar el examen de GED. Estudiantes graduados en el programa de preparación: GED en español, serán celebrados en la graduación anual y podrán aplicar para una beca o exención de colegiatura (Sujeto a requerimientos de elegibilidad). Estudiantes que desean enrolarse en el programa de GED en español deben de contactar a su instructor antes de atender a las clases.

Rafael Arias: Instructor
Office Address: 101 W. 10th Avenue
Room 203
Eugene, OR 97401
Office Telephone: (541) 463-6187

Graduation Ceremony

mortarboard image

Celebrate your success by participating in the LCC Graduation Ceremonies (optional). See the Application for GED Graduation for more details. Graduates of the GED preparation program are honored at the annual college graduation ceremony . The deadline for submitting your application for graduation will be announced in April each year.

Question: How do I get an official copy of my GED transcript?
Answer: All transcript requests for those who tested in Oregon are processed through GED Testing Service. If you received your GED in another state, see GED Testing Service for a list of states and instructions.

For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or call or visit a Lane ABSE site near you.

Contact the main Adult Basic and Secondary Education (ABSE) office at (541) 463-5214. We are open Monday through Thursday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.