Lane Community College CNC Machining Team advances in Project MFG National Competition

February 22, 2024
Instructor demonstrates machinery in CNC Lab at Lane Community College

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane Community College proudly announces that its three-person team has successfully advanced past the qualifying round of the prestigious Project MFG National Competition. Jesse Nash, Alex Perry, and Isiac Torres, students in Lane’s CNC Machining and Inspection program, have demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, earning their place in the regional competition. The team's remarkable journey positions them as contenders for the chance to represent their college at the national level later this year.

The Project MFG National Competition is a multi-round event designed to challenge participants in various aspects of advanced manufacturing. In the qualifying round, the Lane Community College team showcased their proficiency in 3-axis CNC milling of a plastic injection mold and welding a pressure vessel. Now, as they move forward, they will face a two-day challenge involving CAM programming, 5-axis CNC milling, TIG welding of aluminum, and reverse engineering. The final round, a week-long event, remains shrouded in mystery until they reach it.

"This competition not only provides a platform for students to demonstrate their technical skills but also offers invaluable networking opportunities," said Chuck Nickles, instructor for Lane’s CNC Manufacturing and Inspection Program. "The connections made through this competition could open doors to unprecedented opportunities for these students. 

Additionally, the competition has pushed each member of the team out of their comfort zones, compelling them to tackle challenging machining tasks with precision and innovation."

Lane's program, although relatively new, has already garnered attention for its focus on manufacturing processes involving complex machinery such as grinders, lathes, and milling machines.

Lane Community College stands as a beacon of excellence in Oregon and beyond, being the sole representative from the state to advance in this prestigious competition. Out of 80 participating schools, only 16 advanced to the regional round, making Lane's achievement even more commendable. Furthermore, as first-year students in the program, Nash, Torres, and Perry's success underscores the effectiveness of Lane's educational approach in preparing students for real-world challenges in the manufacturing industry.


Rebecca Long, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

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