In historic decision, LCC board integrates student representation at meetings

October 6, 2023
Fountain by Building 1 on main campus

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane Community College (LCC) Board of Education has taken a pivotal step towards ensuring student voices are represented at the highest levels of decision-making within the institution. At its October 4th meeting, the Board approved Board Policy 2015, Student Representation, which affirms the inclusion of the LCC Student Government Association (SGA) President as an ex-officio, non-voting member at all regularly-scheduled monthly Board meetings.

According to the new policy, the SGA President will actively participate in Board discussions, be copied on all pertinent Board notices, agendas, and materials, and will deliver the student report at Board meetings. However, they will not vote, partake in executive sessions, nor be counted for quorum purposes. Additionally, amendments were made to Board Policy 370 (Membership on the Board of Education) and Board Policy 2330 (Quorum and Voting) to implement the provisions of the new policy effectively.

Board Chair Austin Folnagy, who introduced the proposal, expressed his enthusiasm for the decision, stating, "Having witnessed firsthand the immense value of student representation during my tenure at the Klamath Community College Board of Education, I believe this move not only bridges a vital gap between the Board and our student community but also heralds a more inclusive and forward-thinking future for LCC."

LCC President Stephanie Bulger added, "This is a momentous occasion for LCC. With the inclusion of student representation, we are reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and the importance of student voices in shaping the future of our college."

Oregon statute defines voting membership for community college boards, however individual boards retain the authority to add ex-officio, non-voting members.  The new policy takes effect immediately; SGA President Sawyer Smith will join the board in the new position at the November 1st meeting.

Brett Rowlett, Executive Director of External Affairs

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