Rich Truett, President & CEO - Bi-Mart Corporation

Corporate Spotlight

Rich Truett, President & CEO - Bi-Mart Corporation

Serving Our Community - Living Our Mission

Bi-Mart is a company that lives up to its mission - employee owned and operated and closely involved with the communities served by its stores.

Just ask Rich Truett, "I started working at Bi-Mart when I was 19 and I've been here ever since." Rich's experience is a testimonial to Bi-Mart's investment in its employees and the local community. Today, the Bend-native is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Bi-Mart in Eugene.

Part of Rich's role as CEO is to direct Bi-Mart's philanthropy in our community. Bi-Mart has partnered with the Lane Community College Foundation since 1994, supporting the Foundation in its goal to increase access to affordable education in Lane County. Through sponsorships and gifts to scholarships, Bi-Mart has helped the Foundation achieve these goals year after year. Bi-Mart has also made significant in-kind contributions to the Foundation, ranging from an artisan kitchen mixer to tickets to the Willamette Country Music Festival for the annual Harvest Dinner and Auction. For the past seven years, Bi-Mart's annual sponsorship of this event has helped Lane raise awareness as well as funds for scholarships and Lane programs. Over the years, Bi-Mart has also consistently sponsored scholarships for Business, Lane Athletics, Computer Information Sciences, and more.

Bi-Mart not only invests in its employees, it invests in the education of the local workforce through partnerships. At Bi-Mart, Rich says, you can find many people who went to Lane, from their IT department to the mechanics in its truck shop. As a further investment in its employees, the Bi-Mart Corporation offers a partial tuition reimbursement program as an incentive to encourage employees to continue their educational pursuits. "Employees in our community who take advantage of this program predominately go to Lane," Rich says.

"Lane serves a great need in the community," Rich says. He appreciates the wide variety of courses and opportunities available on campus. "Whether you are coming to Lane for enrichment or to pursue a degree," Rich says, "it's a great place for the community."


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