Niles and MaryAnn Hanson

Leadership / Individual Spotlight

Niles and MaryAnn Hanson

Giving the Gift of Music

Niles and MaryAnn Hanson's dedication to the arts and their commitment to supporting the community shines through the scholarship gifts they make to students who are involved in music programs at Lane Community College.

Both grew up in homes where music was an integral part of their lives and they passed on their passion for a musical education to their children. Niles has two children who both play trumpet and cornet as did Nile's father and his grandfather. Niles taught them that, "You can always play a duet, trio, or in a band, for your entire lifetime."

"Many years ago, I felt like we were just writing a check and that was ok, but when we embellished the scholarship with season tickets to the Eugene Symphony, it added a layer of awareness and inspiration to the student recipient's educational experience. Eugene is an arts-rich community and students benefit from the exposure to such a fine example. Symphonic music speaks to me, it feeds me something I need, so I want to share it with our scholarship awardees." says Mary Ann.

Niles and MaryAnn say "It is very rewarding to partner with the LCC Foundation and we believe President Mary Spilde to be quite remarkable, she's always leading by example, and we feel lucky to have someone so strong and clear at the helm." Remembering their own struggles as young adults increases the joy they feel in alleviating the financial strain students face. They feel thankful to be able to offer support and in return develop a sense of gratitude.

"When students thank us in letters, I feel grateful we can help, and I treasure the heartfelt sentiments I receive from them, because to me it feels like "mission accomplished." " Niles and MaryAnn view Lane, themselves, and the scholarship recipients as the three legs of a stool, all dependent upon each other for success. "We appreciate what one person or one organization can do to empower another person and help them achieve their dreams, and we look forward to continuing our support of Lane and its students."

Lane is an excellent investment

Every gift makes a difference and brings our students closer to achieving their dreams.
Thank you for making a difference!