FAA Testing Information

FAA Testing - Information

Where are the FAA tests given?

Corvallis Aero Service
5695 SW Airport Place
Corvallis, OR 97333
(541) 753-4466


What tests can I take?

You can take most FAA computer-assisted examinations at Corvallis Aero Service. You may also take exams for FCC licenses.

What does it cost?

Most FAA exams cost $165 per test. The retesting fee is also $165.

How do I set up a testing session?

To make your appointment for the FAA testing, you must call PSI Online directly. Phone (800) 211-2754. You will need a credit or debit card.

Before calling, make sure you have your authorization to test, know the name of the test you need to take, and have your credit/debit card number ready. They will set up an appointment for you at our test center.

To cancel a test and get a refund, you must call PSI Online at least 24 to 48 hours before your appointment (varies based on test).

What do I need to bring?

You must bring your test authorization AND current photo identification, such as your driver's license, passport, or military ID. 

Authorization - Bring documents that show you are authorized for the test you need to take.

We must copy most authorizations for our files.

Examples include a graduation certificate, an airman's authorization for written test, an airman's written test report (for a retake), or an instructor's certification.

In addition, check whether some specific Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) apply to the test you want to take. If they do apply to you, bring evidence that you qualify.

  1. Valid government-issued photo identification.
    • Photo identification must list your name, current address, date of birth, signature, and contain a recent photograph.
    • We are required to copy it for our files.
    • If your photo ID does not contain your current address, please bring proof of your current address.
  2. If you are NOT a U.S. Citizen, you must provide your current (5 years or less) passport, in addition to another form of valid government-issued photo identification.

When can I take a test?

You will need to make an appointment through PSI Online. You will need to be on time for your test because of required instruction. All tests will start at the same time.

FAA conforms to EEOC and ADA Requirements

FAA Testing - Written Tests Available

Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot CT-8080-2D

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours
PAR Private Pilot Airplane 60 2.5
PAT Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot – Transition 30 1.5
PBG Private Pilot Balloon – Gas 60 2.5
PBH Private Pilot Balloon – Hot Air 60 2.5
PGL Private Pilot Glider 60 2.5
PGT Private Pilot Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot – Transition 30 1.5
PHT Private Pilot Helicopter/Recreational Pilot – Transition 30 1.5
PLA Private Pilot Airship 60 2.5
PRG Private Pilot Gyroplane 60 2.5
PRH Private Pilot Helicopter 60 2.5
RPA Recreational Pilot Airplane 50 2.0
RPG Recreational Pilot Gyroplane 50 2.0
RPH Recreational Pilot Helicopter 50 2.0

Instrument Rating CT-8080-3D

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours


AIF Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (Added Rating) 20 1.0
FIH Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter 50 2.5
FII Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane 50 2.5
HIF Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (Added Rating) 20 1.0
IFP Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot 50 2.5
IGI Ground Instructor Instrument 50 2.5
IRA Instrument Rating Airplane 60 2.5
IRH Instrument Rating Helicopter 60 2.5

Commercial Pilot and Military Competence CT-8080-1B

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours
CAX Commercial Pilot Airplane 100 3.0
CBG Commercial Pilot Balloon – Gas 60 2.5
CBH Commercial Pilot Balloon – Hot Air 100 3.0
CGX Commercial Pilot Glider 100 3.0
CLA Commercial Pilot Airship 100 3.0
CRG Commercial Pilot Gyroplane 100 3.0
CRH Commercial Pilot Helicopter 100 3.0
MCA Military Competence Airplane 50 2.0
MCH Military Competence Helicopter 50 2.0

Flight Engineer CT-8080-6A

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours


FEJ Flight Engineer Turbojet (Added Rating) 50 2.0
FEN Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine (Basic) 80 3.0
FEP Flight Engineer Turboprop (Added Rating) 50 2.0
FER Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine (Added Rating) 50 2.0
FET Flight Engineer Turboprop (Basic) 80 3.0
FEX Flight Engineer Turbojet (Basic) 80 3.0

Aircraft Dispatcher and Airline Transport Pilot CT-8080-7B

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours
ADX Aircraft Dispatcher 80 3.0
ARA Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) (Added Rating) 50 2.5
ARH Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) (Added Rating) 50 2.5
ATA Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) 80 3.0
ATH Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) 80 3.0
ATP Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (121) 80 3.0

Flight and Ground Instructor CT-8080-5E

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours
AFA Flight Instructor Airplane (Added Rating) 25 1.0
AFG Flight Instructor Glider (Added Rating) 25 1.0
AGI Ground Instructor (Advanced) 100 2.5
BGI Ground Instructor (Basic) 80 2.5
FIA Flight Instructor Airplane 100 2.5
FIG Flight Instructor Glider 100 2.5
FOI Fundamentals of Instructing 50 1.5
FRG Flight Instructor Gyroplane 100 2.5
FRH Flight Instructor Helicopter 100 2.5
GFA Flight Instructor Gyroplane (Added Rating) 25 1.0
HFA Flight Instructor Helicopter (Added Rating) 25 1.0

Aviation Mechanic - Airframe, General and Powerplane and Designated Mechanic Examiner CT-8080-4D

Test Code Test Name Number of Questions Time Limit in hours
AMA Aviation Mechanic Airframe 100 2.0
AMG Aviation Mechanic General 50 1.5
AMP Aviation Mechanic Powerplan 100 2.0
DME Designated Mechanic Examiner 50 2.0