About Us - Accomplishments

Students in Lane’s Energy Management Technician Program
Students in Lane's
Energy Management
Technician Program


  • Recycling program started by student government.


  • 2 year degree in Energy Management.        


  • Lane began offering classes in "Learning Communities" – an interdisciplinary learning model that is critical to sustainability education.


  • Recycled paper purchasing policy adopted.
Students in Lane’s Renewable Energy Technician Program installing solar panels.
Students in Lane's
Renewable Energy
Technician Program
installing solar panels.


  • 2 year degree in Renewable Energy Technology.
  • Energy Management Program won Innovation of the Year award from the League for Innovation.


  • Sustainability Office and Sustainability Committee created.
  • Began environmental impact reporting.
  • Recycling Coordinator and Sustainability Coordinator positions created out of college-wide reorganization while still reducing total positions at the college.
Recycling staff accepting award from AOR.
Recycling staff
accepting award
from AOR.


  • Signed Talloires Declaration
  • Began purchasing 10% of electricity as wind.
  • Hosted Bioneers Conference
  • Energy Analyst hired.
  • Recycler of the year award from the Association for Oregon Recyclers.
  • Revolving loan fund for energy conservation and renewable energy established.


National Recycling Award
National recycling award
  • Signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment.
  • Three sustainability policies adopted: 1) Design and Construction; 2) Energy Conservation; and 3) Recycling.
  • Campus sustainability leadership award from AASHE.
  • National Recycling Award.
  • County Recycling Award.
  • 1.4 kW solar power installed by Renewable Energy Students.
  • Recycling rate is greater than 60%.
  • Learning Garden established.
  • Hosted Bioneers Conference
  • Solar energy master plan created.


  • Sustainability Core Value adopted.
  • Lane hosts League for Innovation Conference and a Statewide Community College Sustainability Conference.


  • Voters approved bond that included a 1% expenditure on renewable energy and a LEED platinum downtown campus.
  • 2 year degree in Water Conservation.
  • Lane received 4th place in the waste minimization category of the national Recyclemania competition. Over 80 other colleges and universities participated.
  • Lane received an EPA Environmental Education grant for sustainability infusion training for instructors.
  • Lane hosted National Conference on Sustainability for Community Colleges.


  • Students approved $1/credit-student fee to fund hiring of Learning Garden Specialist.
  • 2 year degree in Resource Conservation Management.
  • 2 year degree in Sustainability Coordination.
  • Lane compiled a GHG inventory for 2008 and submitted it to the ACUPCC.
  • Lane received 9th place in the waste minimization category of the national Recyclemania competition. 148 other colleges and universities participated.
  • Lane sent a student to the Clinton Global Initiative University which inspired him to spark much activity in the Learning Garden – a shelter was built and the student fee increased largely due to his advocacy. The student receives a "Dean's List" award at the event and a $10,000 grant for the garden.
  • Application for Sustainability-Focused Course Status approved by college.
  • Over 100 faculty received sustainability infusion training.
Building 30
Building 30
New waste management system.
New waste
management system.


  • Sustainability is adopted as a Strategic Direction for 2010-11 through 2014-15.
  • First LEED building opened – Building 30, LEED Gold.
  • Recycling debuted a new waste management system with recycling and trash cabinets in hallways and trash cans removed from classrooms. This system increased recycling and decreased housekeeping labor hours dedicated to emptying trash.
  • PV portion of solar station completed.
  • Lane sent two students to the Clinton Global Initiative University.
  • Lane's grounds certified as Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation because of green landscaping practices.
Learning Garden Club.
Learning Garden Club.


  • Sustainability Strategic Direction Implementation Plan is completed.
  • Recycling Center opened.
  • Students approved an increase of $0.50 to the student fee to allow Learning Garden Specialist to begin working 28 hours per week. Learning garden sold about 2000 pounds of produce to CCS.
  • Sustainability Strategic Directions Conference had over 300 attendees (more than any of the other strategic direction conferences!).
  • Lane transportation fee funded carpool matching service with 950 participants, which significantly impacted fall term traffic jams and Lane's greenhouse gas profile.
  • Lane created a Climate Action Plan.
  • Lane won Innovation of the Year from the League for Innovation for the Sustainability Coordinator degree.·
  • Water conservation and energy management interns and student volunteers have retrofit 88% of bathroom faucets with water saving aerators from 2006 to 2011. These retrofits are saving the college 1,107,000 gallons of water per year.
Students collecting samples for water quality lab
Students collecting
samples for water
quality lab.


  • Learning Garden sells over 2000 pounds of produce to CCS and engaged hundreds of students who worked, interned, and volunteered over 1700 hours in the garden.
  • 2 year degree in Watershed Management.  
  • Lane pilots a bike loan program Spring Term with very successfully results. Program will be tripled for Fall 2012.
  • Recognized by the Sustainable Endowments Institute as the only community college in the country with a revolving loan fund for energy conservation and renewable energy.
  • Solar station opened for electric vehicle charging. 
  • Draft Sustainability Plan developed with input from about 100 employees and students.
  • Sustainability Committee voted to support "Taking Back the Tap" and eliminate bottled water sales. Cafeteria and Bookstore stop selling bottled water.
  • Lane opened its first residential facility and it is targeting LEED Gold certification.


  • Lane opens it first facility that is targeting LEED Platinum certification - the new Downtown Campus.
LEED Platinum Downtown Campus
LEED Platinum
  • Lane was selected to host the 2015 Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference.
  • The Sustainability Committee develops a Green Office Certification and four departments receive certification within the first five months after it was rolled out.
  • The Learning Garden provided a campus farm stand and a subscription-based weekly produce box.
  • The Learning Garden hosted hundreds of students who volunteered for more than 2025 hours.
  • Lane approved a credit class called "Gardening and Sustainable Food Systems."
  • The Institute for Sustainable Practices officially formed and brought together the operational sustainability staff and academic programs into one division lead by the Vice President of College Services.
  • Lane was recognized as one of 50 colleges committed to saving the planet by The College Database.
  • The Insitute for Sustainable Practices added an optional emphasis to its Energy Management degree called Building Controls Technician.
  • Lane's bike loan program, Bike Lane, expands to 45 bikes and has a 100% check out rate each term.
  • ISP begins cataloging and celebrating sustainability efforts within departments at Lane.